Tar and Abby

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Top Chef, wait The Fashion Show?

The Fashion Show's Isaac Mizrahi judging a quick fire that didn't involve tasting....
Judging on plating is interesting but I think they should have tasted it too.
Oh, well, Bravo is putting its all behind a show that still hasn't jelled yet. Gotta give them credit for that.


MakingSpace said...

Oh I love Isaac Mizrahi! Keep us updated about how it goes and I might start watching (have to get it on iTunes).

froggy said...

They just finished their second season of the show. Did a lot of changes and Isaac is the only survivor from the first season. The second version was better than the first. Had some interesting challenges but most of them did the same stuff over and over and over. The only different challenge was the marriage challenge and I have opinions about how that went.
(I am a Project Runway crack monkey so I have OPINIONS!!!!!!)

MakingSpace said...

Ah. A dicey proposition then.

I do not know Project Runway, but I do get that you have opinions. Just, yanno, generally. Haha

Bob said...

That was an odd Quickfire, to be sure.
As for the Elimination, I so wanted newly fat Mike Isabella to go. EVERY. SINGLE. CHALLENGE, He starts off saying, I got this....This is the food I cook.....This is in the bag.
And then he crumbles.
Trey? No,
Dale? Not yet.
Isabella? Should'a been him.

Big Shamu said...

I thought the Quickfire was....odd. Need to go back and look at it again. It kinda had the feel of a quickly produced with a guest judge who happended to be handy.

As for Mike, he should have been gone gone gone!

Joy said...

It was odd. I didn't get that at all. Isaac looked sort of uncomfortable judging it.

I agree that Mike should have gone or maybe Dale. Not Tre! So wrong! I thought Fabio had this one based on what was said at the tables. They also said good things about Antonia and it was fine that she won.