Tar and Abby

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Top Chef Redemption

I was kind of dreading Paula Deen. I watched her on Iron Chef and had to turn it off. Too much personality and laughing. Tonight - she was great. Very warm, thoughtful and a good judge.

So did Mike.I break Chef Law? Does deep fried mayo really taste that good? Did Top Chef earn redemption after last week? Did you tear up at the elimination?


Big Shamu said...

I doubt it.
A little.
Hell no.

Dan said...

Mike should be gone!

I am a good southern boy, so batter and fry just about anything and I will eat it. I would def try the mayo.

I felt bad for Dale, even though I am not hsi biggest fan. I was just as surprised as I was last week.

Bob said...

Lordy, I HATE Mike.
And I was afraid for the Bottom Three. I liked them all, though, to be fair, Hootie Hoo is still in da house and that makes me happy!

David Dust said...

I am so upset that Dale is gone. I might have to start hanging out at Buddakan and stalking him...


Joy said...

I can't believe Bighead Mike is still there and Fabio isn't. :-( At least Carla is there. I'm thinking Antonia might win it.