Tar and Abby

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Top Chef All Stars

I liked the Muppet Challenge. It seemed like everyone was having a good time and I have a soft spot for CoCoMonner as he was known in our house.

Good thing because the Target Challenge was... awfully forced. Interesting was gathering all cooking materials from scratch. But I don't think food when I think Target (which is the why and wherefores behind the challenge). The up all night - tell me that was to preserve Target's bottom line and not for any added drama. All in all, not impressed.

Another point - why did Carla spend so much time with 'decor'. I would love to see the rules for this challenge. Was it a judging criterion that they just forgot about?


Big Shamu said...

I suspect the Carla taking way more time on the decorating had to do with the presence of the guest decorator who I don't think spoke more than 5 words. Either that or she was tired and was ready to go home. It was a bad segment, bad idea, bad results, but great if you like soup. I can't believe a grilled cheese sammie made with an iron won $25,000.

David Dust said...

Yeah, the whole "decor" thing was weirdly forgotten halfway through.

I LOVED the Muppets - they should be able to heckle the Cheftestants during every episode.


Bob said...

I was afraid Carla was getting the "Knifed Edit" and started to panic when she went Bottom Three.

Then I Hootie Hoo'd when she was safe.