Tar and Abby

Monday, February 28, 2011

Dear Enjoy Life Natural Brands,

I have certain food issues (I won't bother you with) and decided to try your Chewy Bars (apple caramel flavor). OMG!! Someone is sabotaging your product! They are sneaking in the middle of the night and cutting your bars in half!!! I checked all the bars in the box (I really did!) and they've all been cut in half. WTH??

And then I notice, in 4 point type, a tiny, little, bitty statement. (It's to the right of the bar, the black blur.) The bar in the picture - it has been enlarged to show texture........ Texture. NO, IT WASN'T. It was enlarged to fool me into thinking that this box contained bars like all the other bars out there.

Is a terrible thing to do to us people with limited food options. And you charged me $3.99 for $1.995 of food.


Dan said...

I hate it when companies pull that shit!

David Dust said...

By the looks of that little "nugget", maybe they were doing you a favor???


Kyle said...

Well, that had to be a shock. I'd be very unhappy too.