Tar and Abby

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Abby set her tail on fire...!

Abby finally got up and close to the fire, home of her Master, to set her tail ablaze.

As you can imagine all Hell broke loose.
Smoke coming from her tail.
Daughter yelling she could see burning embers in her tail.
GB and The Engineer chasing Abby to put out the fire.
Tar *helping* with encouraging barking, 'Go Abby Go!! Is this a new game?! I like the smoke!"
And then the smell of burning dog hair...

She lost some hair on her tail. The fire didn't burn her skin as The Engineer caught her in time. We opened the slider for some fresh air.

Her tail looks funny.

Gawd, what next?


mistress maddie said...

Good Gawd! Talk about super bowl sunday excitiment! Thank god you got it out in time. Are you sure she isn't Cerbrus?

David Dust said...

I want to move in and live with your family. You have WAY more excitement there in Washington state than I do here in NYC. SRSLY.


Big Shamu said...

That dawg just ain't right.

Bob said...

I have this vision of ther entire Ponder household chasing after a smoking Lab.
It's funny, no?

Dani said...

Oh no! Glad Abby wasn't hurt.

Beth Hill said...

Poor Abby!!!! and Ya, I wanna move in too...got room for one more? :)

Kyle said...

Well, it's funny now, but I bet it was not fun while it was happening. Glad she is okay.

Dan said...

OMG! I am sorry to hear about the tail, but it was the giggle I needed to make me feel better.

Joy said...

Wow! I caught my hair on fire at a wedding reception many years ago. Gosh, let's hope Abby isn't going to be like me!