Tar and Abby

Monday, February 28, 2011

Abby met her match?

On a Monday morning.
Abby comes in from the backyard with Ew-Du-Skunk dabbed behind her ears.
When GB wakes up we is getting a BATH!


Big Shamu said...

OK you win worst Monday Morning Ever contest....hands down.

David Dust said...

Isn't this serious enough to wake up GB early, or is that a no-no???


froggy said...

You only get a whiff when she comes up for some petting. Unlike Auntie Heidi who stunk up the whole house.
Which makes me think she investigated the spot and did not stick her face in the skunky kitty's nether regions.

Dan said...

You certainly have a lot of run in's with skunks!

Kyle said...

Froggy, we have a skunk living under the garage right now. Nick can't get close to the garage yet, so we aren't too worried. I'm starting to put out moth balls to get her/him to go away before thaw when Nick can get to the garage.