Tar and Abby

Friday, February 25, 2011

Abby has a new nickname and occupation

From her second floor deck perch Abby keeps a close eye on all the neighbors.

One neighbor has earned the Wrath of Abby Fashion Police Dog.

The lady that takes her dog out whilest clad in her nighty.

Abby sets up a hectoring and lecturing barking and I have to try and sneak her back in the house while hoping the poor lady doesn't know, that I know, that she is outside, in full view, in her nighty - and that Abby is Horrified and Disapproves.

Tar, her minion and fellow fashion watcher and full time stoner, just sits beside her, grinning and enjoying the show, 'Hey, Mom, the sun, it makes the nighty transparent... should I go get GB?'

And I am hissing at them to get inside without being seen by Naughty Nighty Lady and waving the treat jar at them. Get. Inside. NOW!


Bob said...

Get them on Project Runway to sit with Nina and Michael!

Big Shamu said...

Instead of grabbing the treat jar, grab the camera with the telephoto lens and lets see if Abby is ready for a Project Runway Guest Judge spot.

David Dust said...

Abby could be on The Fashion NO. She couldn't do any worse than Kelly Rowland on Season 1.


Dani said...


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