Tar and Abby

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Top Chef goes fishing

The fishing fleet where I lived in Northern Canada.

I liked the challenge. Do you think they did it all in one day? omg! It seems that *stra-tee-gery* always seems to bite the chefs. Glad to see Carla win and sorry to see Jamie and Tiffani go. It is hard to see this bunch go. We're used to them staying the course.

My favorite fish - fresh caught steelhead fixed on the fire in front of my grandparent's cabin.


Bob said...

I was glad Jamie went, after skating by and really not cooking a couple of challenges.
Tiffani? Well, I loathed her in her season, but liked her this time.

LoveLoveLove the Hootie-Hoo win!

Big Shamu said...

Well you know I was over the moon about the winner, heartbroken over Tiff going and loved the fishing. However any fishing segment on a food show has forever been tainted by Bourdain and his stunt fish revelations just to get the shot. Still a good episode with lots to talk about.

Bob said...

PS I have a little something for you over at my place;


Sean said...

I was shocked to see Tif go and to learn she's gay.

Joy said...

Glad Jamie went. It was overdue. Hootie Hoo for Carla!!