Tar and Abby

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

So who won???? And suggestions.

In between finding another leak (and water is running thru the house and spinning the meter!!) and the fix it people getting lost and moving furniture and fixing the front light so the fix it people could find the house and now they are here at 9.30 at night..... we'll have fans blowing ALL night.

We watched the winner of The Fashion Show! It, barring one designer, was a very pretty show. Loverly garments. But so one note to me. Who wears these clothes but beautiful people during their beautiful nighttime hours floating around beautiful NYC or beautiful LA? Draped, floating, flowing, wafting. I'd like to see a designer who can do it ALL. They did try, with their twist, to stretch the designers. I would have gone further and required daytime casual and sportswear, athletic exercise gear, bathing suit, business suit, daytime coat, evening gown, wedding dress, MOB dress (cause I'm crabby) and dress for a woman of size.


Joy said...

Well, begrudgingly, I liked Calvin's collection. I really hate saying that, too, but it was classy, cohesive, and pretty. Jeffrey's was gorgeous with some beautiful pieces, and Dominique's the one I didn't like that much. It was weird and baggy.

I am very happy with the winner! So glad!!!

Bob said...

I liked that Jeffrey won. I liked his clothes very much.
Dominique was, and I hate to quote Calvin, a little potato sack-y.
Calvin, on the othe rhand, was all one note, black. And he tells us he fears the color red and then throws in a red dress.
I'll miss Iman, but at least I won't have to sit still, and "Don't move!", on Tuesday nights anymore!

Dan said...

Well thank you Bob for telling who won! Everyone else was being carefull not to say anything!

If it was Jeffrey, I think he deserved it, even though he is a 30year old gay virgin? Who does that?