Tar and Abby

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Oh, Cesar!

How could they give you the auf?!?!
I was sure it would probably be Dominique after last week's pig coat and shoulder bustle. And this week it wasn't much better. How could Cesar's house not even win?? Strangest judging ever. We knew Calvin would stay, being the reality tv gold that he is, even with the Alien inspired blouse. Sigh... Will stick it out for the last show to see if they are crazy enough to award Calvin the win. Should be Jeffrey, how could it NOT be, for the win.


Big Shamu said...

I actually caught this episode last night but I'm so far behind I don't really have a dog in this fight. I know they made a lot of changes in this show but I don't get the impression that there's as much interest as there is for Project Runway. Am I off base?

froggy said...

Nope, not off base at all. Suffers from lack of love-ability. No Tim Gunn, no judges that show personality, Iman is rather scary most of the time.

Bob said...

I was shocked by Cesar's being Out of Fashion, and by the Calvin/Dominique win.
Crazy show.

Big Shamu said...

I wonder if Bravo will continue it. I can't imagine keeping Iman and Issac phat and happy is a cheap endeavor.

Joy said...

I was shocked for the same reasons you were. No way should Cesar be aufed. This show doesn't have it. Iman grew on me after a while, but this is no Project Runway. Tim Gunn, Heidi, Nina, Michael all make it work. No one is like Tim - he's a treasure!

Back to FS - at this rate, Calvin will probably win. I just don't get how they like some of the "fashions" they do. How on earth could Calvin and Dominique win? Those were awful. Guess oddly-dressed zombies in the snow appealed to the judges for some reason. Too weird for the sake of weird for me. Cesar's and Jeffrey's were prettier and cohesive as a collection. Those shorts that Dominique designed were just cut off and not even finished! The PR group would have berated that for sure!


David Dust said...

I'm betting that Calvin wins. And I'm also betting that I'll throw up a little in my mouth when that happens.