Tar and Abby

Monday, January 3, 2011

The Nine by Jeffrey Toobin

I love books for Christmas. The Engineer received this book from Daughter. And, of course, I swiped it. (He has a nice stack set aside so I can get away with it.)

This book concentrates on the years of '95 to '05 while the Court did not go through any nominations or changes. I loves the behind the scenes stuff. Sometimes it is alarming what goes into decisions - the justices are human and we all have our failings. I'm looking at ordering some other books by this fellow about our recent past - the Lewinsky business and the election of 2000.


Joy said...

This sounds GOOD! I'll read it after all these books I have to read for the courses I'm auditing. Book recommendations! Yes!

Kyle said...

This one may make it to my reading list. Thanks for the info Froggy.