Tar and Abby

Thursday, January 13, 2011

I've been hijacked from my astrological sign!

3,000 years ago they put together the astrological signs. And things have, um, well shifted since then, the Earth and the Sun in relation to the stars.

Some of us are no longer under the signs we thought they were! I am no longer a Pisces. I am now an Aquarius. I don't know if I'm happy about that! And don't even ask me about Ophiuchans.

See if you've been switched HERE.


Sam said...

Damn damn damn. I loved being an aqueeris. It seems I'm a crapacorn now.

Joy said...

I don't like this and am not going to participate. I'm a Libra not a Virgo. And what's with that new one and how is it pronounced?

David Dust said...

No matter what anyone says, I will ALWAYS be a virginal Virgo. Don't get me wrong, I'll DATE men named "Leo" - but I'll never BE one.


Bob said...

I went from Aquarius--or as I dubbed myself, Aqueerius--to Capricorn.
It doesn't work!

kayce. said...

actually, y'all, this is ONLY applicable to folks born after 2009 ~ which is exactly zero of us. also, either way, i'd still be a leo: woohoo! ;)

Dan said...

I am still a Leo!