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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

The world is going to end in 2036 and the French are going to save us?

So there's this asteroid coming. Kind of close. On April 13, 2036. And it might hit us. And maybe we should do something about it. In the next five or six years?
The French, apparently, have an idea. Sounds good to me. The Russians have an idea too. But. They are the Russians, don'cha know...
And anything we do might make it worse. And we have to decide soon-ish rather than late-ish.
Just loves this kind of stuff.
Full story here.
(I apologize in advance to any French or Russian persons. I'm a product of my times.)


David Dust said...

The link isn't working!!! I need to know if we're going to die!!!


froggy said...

ak! fixed now!

mrs. miss alaineus said...

i suggest we cover it with gas and set it on fire!

i know, i know... but how often can i quote a ween song????


Joy said...

I'll be dead then and will miss out on all this.

Sam said...

I'm with Joy, I'll be dead too. By then shouldn't we all be on another planet? They have a commercial plane that can almost get in outer space, don't they? Que the Aerosmith music. "I don't wanna miss a thang"

Bob said...

I say we get Bruce Willis on the line.
Didn't he already do this in a movie?

Merry Christmas Froggy!