Tar and Abby

Monday, December 20, 2010

This is a GOOD gift idea for kids?!

This little spy cam, along with a 'secret mission video watch', recording devices, and night vision binoculars are all being marketed to kids under the classification of SpyNet roleplaying toys. The packages show pictures of preteen boys. The toys are from Jakks Pacific Products.

And Associated Press, in our paper today, lists them as fun toys for techie kids.

Are they nuts? After we just had a suicide of a college kid who was secretly recorded?

Associated Press, you blew it. Jakks Pacific - how stupid can you get?


David Dust said...

For the little tykes who want to work for Blackwater when they grow up.


mrs. miss alaineus said...

great. i saw this and pretty much thought 'wtf' to myself.


Joy said...

This is crazy and just wrong.

Kyle said...

Very bad idea. The possibilities with their negative consequences are endless.