Tar and Abby

Friday, December 24, 2010

I give up!

Yesterday things got worse with this damnable cold so going into minor care this morning. I need DRUGS - even though I'm taking everything under the sun that I can get over the counter. All I want for Christmas is to feel BETTER!

update - I haz drugs. I hopes they works.


Big Shamu said...

Right there with you Froggy, the stupid crud going around hit me on Wednesday.


David Dust said...

I will pray to the Goddess of Drugs (AKA Lindsay Lohan) that your meds work in time for Christmas!!!

Feel better.


mistress maddie said...

Ahhhhh Froggy! Well I'm sending out some good vibes for a feel better holiday! A very Merry Christmas to you and yours. And did you try a shot of gin? I find I'm almost never sick,lol,lol,lol!

Love to ya

Sam said...

Goodness sake Froggy!! Well here's to your medicated Christmas!!! Also I have sent via morse code a direct request to Santa. Covered.
In the meantime, have a very very relaxed Merry Christmas!!!
Here are healthy thoughts headed your way!!

Joy said...

Oh no! At least it didn't happen Thanksgiving when all those people were there needing attention. It's a very bad time to be sick, though. Hoping you get better soon!